Doshi Brothers distribution serves the whole of India. Our logistical expertise allows us to deliver your products securely and on time to your customers. We apply a ‘just in time’ approach to our distribution services, ensuring your business operates more efficiently and your customers receive their products as and when they are required.

Our in house supply chain specialists can work with manufacturers to develop a distribution strategy specific to each product and the market for which it is intended. We build distribution channels that produce maximum efficiency and reduce costs through the supply chain from product manufacture to end customer.

Export Services

We have deep understanding of the global market and export a variety of pharmaceutical products internationally.

We assure that you will be happy with our excellent services. Due to the price control by the Indian Government, major international branded drugs are available at a cheaper price in India as compared to any other country, enabling us to provide consumers with low cost International brands from multinational pharmacy companies.

Import Services

We optimise our reach across the globe to provide our customers a wide range of quality pharmaceutical products from international markets. Doshi Brothers is working towards filling gaps in the pharmaceutical market in India and to provide quality pharmaceuticals for the expanding private and public pharmaceutical market by working with national and international principles to create a product range that is associated with reliability, affordability and quality.

We are catering to individual needs for the medicines that are not available in India. Doshi Brothers with its global partners works to source life saving medicines from any part of the world.

Branded and generics medicines

Bulk/wholesale supply of pharmaceutical products

Parallel tradings

MOH tenders

3rd party manufacturing

Name patient supply, except controlled product

Lifesaving drugs

Clinical trials drugs

Bio similar drugs

Orphan drugs

Short product lines

Validate cold chain products


OTC products

Vaccines / serums/ antitoxins

Plasma derivative

Women’s health

Food supplements


Cosmetics, skin care and hygiene products

Veterinary medicines

Ayurvedic / Herbal Preparations

Herbal preparations

Diagnostic kits



Test strip


Government tender supplies

Super Specility Products